A Team of Talented Women

Chef Pamela

When I started CuisineStyle 21 years ago, I had three goals. Create a job for myself from work I like to do. Make a living doing it. And most important, create a job where I could be a mother to my then baby girl. The dream worked, and my now grown-up Taylor is by my side at CuisineStyle, as part of our amazing, talented team of women.

Today at CuisineStyle, we invite people from near and far, into our kitchen to experience a new joy of cooking, of bonding together, and of savoring all the goodness that comes with sharing great food.

I began my culinary career at sixteen, waiting tables at the Parasol Restaurant in Pasadena. After several years working back and front of the house in restaurants and hotels, I traveled to Paris, where I received my formal culinary education at the Ritz Escoffier Ecole de Gastronomie Francaise. I went on to train professionally, cooking in Michelin-star kitchens across the City of Light.

I love cooking now, more than ever. I grew up in the kitchen with my Swedish immigrant grandmother, a professional chef. Watching her cook, savoring her food, instilled in me a culture of food, and the magic it brings. Nothing gives me greater joy than cooking and sharing a meal with others. The more the merrier, at our table. This is my world, and my gift to you. Come be a part of it. Food brings people together, around the table and across the globe.

Back row (L to R): Michelle, Pamela, Adrienne and Taylor
Front row (L to R): Aidee, Jenny and Anna

The CuisineStyle Team

Michelle Brignoli – Executive Sales Assistant Manager, Newest Team Member

My best food memory is my grandmother’s chicken adobo with rice and broccoli. But I can’t leave out a warm, grilled cheese sandwich and apple juice while watching Blues Clues. Worst meal ever? Every airplane! Here at CuisineStyle, I get to use all my skills. Everyone has an incredible work ethic. So dedicated. I love being here, where I know I make a difference.

Adrienne Hefter – Director of Operations, 21 years

My mom is the original health food fanatic. I grew up eating wheat bread, wheat pancakes, natural peanut butter with the oil slick on top, all of that. It’s ironic that I started my working life in not one, but two fast food restaurants. Being around amazing food at work every day has been good for me! I am the official sweet tooth in residence here at CuisineStyle. A creamy, Dove milk chocolate bon bon just sends me!

Taylor Keith – Digital Marketing and Social Media Assistant, 21 Years

I love showing off CuisineStyle, and what my mom has built, by creating videos and photos of everything we do. I grew up in the kitchen, with my mom and her chefs. It’s all women, and I love the girl power. They get things done right, and high expectations keep everyone operating at their best. Some of my favorite food memories are eating garlicky pommes aligot in France, petrale sole meuniere for my birthday, and slurping oysters with my mom at Grand Central Oyster Bar in NYC.

Aidee Lopez – Executive Chef, 9 Years

My family owned a street food vendor stand in Mexico City. My father Virgilio’s secret ceviche recipe is the best in my life. The thought of my mother’s mole verde from childhood always takes my heart back home to her. I am very grateful to my mentor, Chef Pamela Keith, for giving me the opportunity and confidence to grow as a chef. When I am cooking in the kitchen, it’s a magic place where I escape into my own world. Why do I cook? It is who I am. Making people happy when they eat my food is what brings me joy. That, and my children. My son Joseph is now interested in cooking.

Jennifer Fernandez – Executive Sous Chef, 9 Years

I come from a family of great cooks, my mother Juana, and my two grandmothers. My mother’s Milanesa, steak fried with a crispy coating of bread crumbs, is still my favorite. I make it for my children. Mexican food is part of my family’s culture, our legacy. But I love Baskin Robbins Cherry Jubilee ice cream! I love being a chef, and cooking with our team every day. Chef Pamela hired me for my first professional cooking job, and here I am today!

Anna Salgado – Special Events Chef, 7 Years

My mother taught me her secrets for cooking mole, a family recipe passed through generations in Mexico City. Her Chili Poblano Relleno is one of my favorite memories. Today, my favorite indulgence is strawberry cheesecake. As a chef at CuisineStyle, I am thankful to Chef Pamela for the opportunity to learn, and to create foods I have never before cooked. I love the challenge! If I could cook for anyone in the world, it would be for my parents, to show them how I have grown, and to make them proud.