Your Experience Begins Here

What makes booking your event so easy? Simple reservation process, quick response, concierge treatment, with the CuisineStyle personal touch.

Reservation Process

Virtual or In-Person?

Want to bring everyone together at the CuisineStyle Kitchen? Or do you want a virtual Zoom cooking experience?  We offer different menu options designed for either scenario. Talk to us!

Reserve Your Date

It’s easy. Go to the Booking Inquiry page and fill out the form. Or schedule a call on our online calendar. Include any details you’d like us to know. We respond in 24 hours or less, Monday through Friday.

Ready, Set, Menu!

Your date is set. Now for the fun part – choose your menu! There are lots of options. Dietary needs or allergies? No problem, we are happy to help! We’ll provide you with the event cost. If you need help, let us know.

Sign, Pay, Confirm

Conveniently pay online. You will receive your event confirmation via email. We’ll send notices to your attendees, with announcements that get them excited about the upcoming event.

Gather, Cook, Enjoy!

Bring everyone together for a great party! Your cooking experience is totally interactive. Learn how to cook new recipes, prepare a world class meal, and show off your amazing dishes. Happy eating!


Ingredient Kit

Kick your experience up a notch. Our hand packed ingredient kits are shipped overnight to your door. Featuring the highest quality ingredients, pre-portioned and measured, ready to cook!

We’ll notify you and your guests when the kits have shipped. Open as soon as possible, and refrigerate perishable items.

Get Swag

Here are some of the swag your team will love: handmade wooden cheese board, two options for aprons (a standard apron and an upgraded chef’s apron), CuisineStyle cookie gift set, paella pan kit, CuisineStyle savory spice blends, CuisineStyle EVOO, and a variety of cooking tools.

Choose the CuisineStyle logo or your company logo.

Frequently Asked Questions
All Event F.A.Q.

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book My Event?

Six weeks or more is recommended. We book quickly and available space is limited. We do offer “rush” bookings, when possible.

Can I Customize My Event?

Yes! Our event specialist will work with you to design a cooking experience exclusively for you and your guests. Send us your inquiry.


Registration is a snap with our concierge registration program. Email your inquiry to calendar a call with Chef Pamela Keith to talk about the details.

Host and Participant Communications

Our concierge registration program sends email reminders, updates, and “get excited” messages to you and the participants. These email notices are sent periodically, precisely timed and in advance. As the host, all you have to do is book your event.

Personalized Gifts

Treat your guests to a special, commemorative gift. Top quality, customized aprons, cookware and tools, artisan food products, and CuisineStyle gourmet cookie gift packages.

Special Dietary Requirements

Pamela and her team are happy to accommodate whenever possible and to the best of our ability. Allergy, vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, or dairy free. Please let us know what you need when you submit your event inquiry.

Need To Reach Us?

CuisineStyle is all about customer service. Your experience is everything to us. Please contact CuisineStyle by email or telephone. Our event team is in the office Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST. We are here for you!

What's The Cost?

The cost varies, depending on the type of your event and the number of guests. We’ll provide the costs once we know more details about your particular event. Please contact us.

In-Person F.A.Q.

How Long is the Cooking Event?

3 hours

Is There a Minimum?

The minimum guest requirement for In-Person events is 20 participants. You can have less than the minimum guest requirement, but the cost remains the same.


Free parking is available on the street and in our parking lot.

Can We Eat Outside?

Yes, we have indoor/outdoor dining when the weather is nice.

Cooking Together as a Group

We create teams by encouraging attendees to choose the recipe station where they would like to work. Or, you can choose your own team assignments in advance.

CuisineStyle Venue Address

CuisineStyle is located at 842 Stanton Road, Burlingame 94010. Conveniently located off Highway 101, 5 minutes from SFO airport.

Do You Provide Aprons?

We provide CuisineStyle aprons for everyone to wear while they are cooking. These are on loan for the event. You can purchase personalized aprons for your team to take home.

What Should I Wear?

It is a professional kitchen environment. We ask that all attendees wear closed toed, comfortable shoes and long pants.

Can I Include My Kids?

Yes! Children 10 years and older are welcome to join in the fun. We love cooking with kids in the kitchen.

Virtual F.A.Q.

How Long is the Cooking Event?

1 1/2 hours

Is There a Minimum?

The minimum guest requirement for virtual events is 15 participants. You can have less than the minimum guest requirement, but the cost remains the same.

What Does My Virtual Cooking Event Include?

A concierge style service, starting with your inquiry. Expert cooking instruction shared in a warm and engaging manner. The option of a gourmet ingredient kit delivered to your team, door to door. Full set of recipes, along with a list of necessary cooking equipment and supplies.

Gourmet Ingredient Kits

Every virtual cooking event offers the option to order a gourmet ingredient kit as a companion to the virtual live stream class experience. If you do not want to order a kit, we will supply the ingredient list for your shopping trip.

Where Do We Film?

From our state-of-the-art film studio in CuisineStyle’s kitchen. Our audio-visual equipment is the highest quality. Sound is important! We use four different camera angles and close ups for visual details. This attention to film quality, and our team of chefs, bring participants fully into the virtual class experience. The class participant’s experience is like starring in their own food network cooking show.

Can I Order Extra Portions?

Sure thing! You have this option when registering for the class. Our ingredient kits include 2 servings. If you need more servings, just let us know.

Can I Include My Kids?

Yes! Children are welcome to join in the fun. We love cooking with kids in the kitchen.

Still Have a Question?